Work holding you back? The Wife always on your case because you’re working on your planes again? Well then Fli-Buy Planes is here to help you. We offer you an affordable service that gives you more time with the wife, while at the same time getting all your repairs done for your weekend flight. If you are in need for a repair today please follow the step by step instructions and let us help you.

Repair Procedure:  

Step 1:

Copy this email address: & E-mail us all the detail and images so that we can see the damages.

Step 2:

We will get back to you with a Quote

Step 3:

Once we have received your model, further inspection will take place.

Step 4:

Repair will be sent to the workshop.

Step 5:

You will be notified once your repair is completed and can be collected or posted to you.

NB!! Postage may result in additional charges.

 Some of our Model Repairs and Modifications:

Jet Nose wheel Repair:

Jet Mod 1 - Fli-Buy Planes Jet Mod 2 - Fli-buy planes Jet mod 3 - Fli-Buy Planes







Jet stab Modification:

Jet Stab 2 - Fli-Buy PlanesJet Stab - Fli-Buy Planes

Cessna Repair:

Cessna Repair 01 - Fli-Buy Planes Cessna Repair 02 - Fli-Buy Planes

Cessna Repair 03 - Fli-Buy Planes

Cessna Repair 04 - Fli-Buy Planes Cessna Repair 05 - Fli-Buy Planes