Right now:

We are currently working on expanding our store with 3 new aircraft’s.

The Extra 300L is the first to be welcomed which you can purchase from our store today.

We are hoping to launch the Sweet&Low real soon which is a great plane to learn with for our new comers to the hobby as well as a really nice slow plane you can play with in the sky. The Sweet&Low will be supplied in a “Building it yourself Kit” to try brink back the building aspect to the hobby as it is very hard to find a kit for hobbyists to build these days.

Last but certainly not lease we have the very famous Quicky 500 pylon racer that will be added to our store real soon.


Future Goals

Fli-Buy Planes’ goal is to open up the market and make the hobby more affordable and enjoyable in today’s economy, giving you more. Fli-Buy Planes allows you to expand your collection and even venture into the unknown of bigger and better planes. At Fli-Buy Planes, we strive to keep the prices low, but the quality high in the development of our aircrafts so that you can finally have a brand you can trust in the model aircraft industry.

Fli-Buy Planes’ efforts don’t stop there, we offer a blog, not only to find help, but also to connect to the R/C flying community. Gone are the days where it’s just you and your R/C plane. Here at Fli-Buy Planes we are giving you the means to connect and find out where and when the fly-in/event is happening through our blog – so that you’re not left all alone on the slope or field.

The Blog will allow you to be in contact with fellow R/C plane enthusiasts in South Africa. If you are new to the hobby or just looking for a new airfield we bring them to you. Where they are and who to contact all here in our blog.

Fli-Buy Planes will strive to enlarge the hobby and spark interest in the public with new ways to get kids and adults in the air to experience the  thrills and chills of this vast hobby. We also wish to spark interest in the current members of the R/C Community by “Expanding the Experience” of the hobby. We all enjoy flying, but have you ever experienced the joy of building your very own plane Or putting it together piece by piece? and then finally sending it down the runway or off the mountain to be greeted with utter joy or bitter sorrow but in the end when she’s in the air, you can sit back in awe of what you have accomplished.


Our Story

Today we launched our online shop and are ready to sell and supply to the R/C community. Our first product is a plane from our own design called the Wing-Chester. we also added carbon & fiberglass repair kits to our shop today, to make it easier for our fellow flyers to reinforce or repair a small damage in their plane.


On the 28th of June 2014 Fli-Buy Planes went out onto NorthCliff mountain to test fly the Wing-Chester. The outcome was great and we finally had a working, flying plane.

Wing-Chester - Fli-Buy Planes (3) Wing-Chester - Fli-Buy Planes (2) Wing-Chester - Fli-Buy Planes Wing-Chester - Fli-Buy Planes (4)






To our amazement we discovered that test flying and having a quick flippy on the slope was not all that was in store for us. We acknowledged the interest of the people passing by and decided to extend our welcome. we opened in conversation with some people that were really interested in the workings of the plane, which we were more than happy to explain.  Fli-Buy Planes did not expect such a huge interest from the public, Some would ask questions and others would just watch, one thing I can say is we had a whale of a time.

Bringing People together - Fli-Buy Planes NorthCliff - Fli-Buy Planes NorthCliff - Fli-Buy Planes (4) NorthCliff - Fli-Buy Planes (2)





Written 01/09/2014

Fli-Buy Planes began 2013 simply as an idea between father and son discussing the cost and efforts needed to make a fully composite model aircraft, inspired by the idea, father and son began their quest which became an 8 month long journey learning the tricks of the trade on how composite model aircrafts are designed and made.

We began our journey with the good old fashioned way of making fully composite planes, which was clearly the hard way. After a few months had passed with a lot of blood, sweat and tears shed, even after we had to repair our poor tail, we finally had a plane.


Jart - Fli-Buy PlanesJart 03 - Fli-Buy PlanesJart 02 - Fli-Buy Planes






Now that we actually had something to work with, we both were in uncharted waters on the mould development stage, so I did what I knew best and hit the internet with little to no success. I decided to check on my old man’s progress and to my surprise, I found he had already gathered the needed information through a simple phone call. In that moment the mission of our company became clear to me. We don’t have to do everything by ourselves, the hobby brings people together and opens up the opportunity for us to help one another, which is exactly what we want this company to stand for, with a blog that’s always there to assist and a company that’s bringing people together.

With our newfound company taking shape, and feeling motivated we completed the mid-Jet’s moulds and pulled a fuselage in no time.


Jart 05 - Fli-Buy PlanesJart 06 - Fli-Buy PlanesJart 07 - Fli-Buy Planes






In the startup of this company, there was a lot I needed to learn and couldn’t have done it without the help of my old man, Trevor Gething, and a very good friend Shaun Smuts, so I say to all the plane enthusiasts out there watch this space because it only gets better from here on out!!

Written: 23/07/2014